Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser made headlines recently when they each expressed interest in playing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.

In case you are unfamiliar with The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, she was originally introduced into the Marvel Universe as a sort of joke.  In her first appearance she randomly shows up, annoys Iron Man, and then defeats Doctor Doom with her squirrel powers.


She talks to squirrels.  She has a squirrel tail.  She’s really agile and can jump pretty high. Squirrel stuff.

Over time, as a sort of running joke, Marvel wrote story after story in which she defeats some of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.  squirrel-girl-art-adams

She quickly earned a reputation as unbeatable, and she now stars in her own comic The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which is one of the best running comics.  In it she plays an awkward College Freshman who majors in computer science in between protecting the world against every manner of threat.

Her popularity has skyrocketed and it is pretty clear that if the stars align, Marvel might someday introduce her to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So without further delay, here are the top 15 best actresses to play Squirrel Girl.

15.  Anna Kendrick


She wants the job.  She’s a great actor.  However, she might not be awkward enough to play Squirrel Girl.  The modern incarnation of Squirrel Girl is pretty goofy.  She has a place on the list mostly for starting the conversation.

14.  Emily Kinney


She’s in her early 30s but she plays younger roles.  She’s a wildcard.  She’s not known for comedy.  She also may be a little too classically beautiful to play Squirrel Girl.  She’s a great actress and she comes with a lot of name recognition from her time on the Walking Dead.

13.  Vanessa Bayer


If she were 10 years younger she’d probably be at the top of the list.  She has the perfect look about her and she’s great on SNL so we know she can do comedy.

12.  Kate Micucci


She definitely has the right look.  Even though she’s in her mid 30s, she could play younger.  She’s also great at comedy and would do a stellar job playing the character… if the movie were produced right now.  However, a movie won’t happen until after 2020.  By then she’ll be in her 40s.  Will she still be able to play a 20 year old college freshman by then?  Maybe.

However, there are rumors Marvel is shopping around a New Warriors tv show that would include Squirrel Girl.  In that, case we wouldn’t be lookinag at 5 years down the road.  So don’t rule her out.

11.  Kristen Schaal

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Her look is spot on.  Unfortunately she’s in her 40s and probably could not pull off a younger role.  Her only chance at the character would be if they rewrote Squirrel Girl’s story to account for her age.

10.  Abigail Breslin


She has the right look.  Right age.  She’s a great dramatic actor.   It is unclear if she could do comedy, but Little Miss Sunshine seems to indicate yes.

9.  Sarah Bech Mather


She has the right look and the right age.  Can she do an American accent?  If so, she’d make a pretty good Squirrel Girl.

8. Natalia Tena


If you can do a duck you can do a squirrel, right?

7.  Tina Majorino


Yes, that’s Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.  Definitely has the right look.  She’s in her early 30s now, but she still plays pretty young.


6.  Charlene Yi


She has the look.  She’s in her early 30s and plays younger roles.  She’s hilarious and would bring her awkward wit to the role.

5.  Jessica Barden


She’s in her early 20s and can play even younger (so she’d still be perfect for the role in a few years).  She can do comedy and she’s definitely got the right look going for her.

4.  Elise Eberle

Elise Eberle

She has the right look.  She even has the short hair.  She’s in her early 20s, so she’s the perfect age and she’s a great actor.  Perfect fit.

3. Mae WhitmanPremiere Of "About Alex" - Arrivals

She’s young.  She has the look down.  She’s a great actress.  Top contender.

2.  Maise Williams


The look is perfect.  She’s a superior actor.  And she’s an actual college freshman who can play young if she needs to.  If she can do an American accent give her the job.

1. Shannon Purser


She played Barb in Stranger Things.  She’s young.  She has the perfect look. She’s a good actor.  What’s not to like?